The Giant

The Giant



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The story of a powerful change
When she broke the game of chains
She walked the streets stained with child’s blood
Fighting above the limit
She walked away that day from insane crowd
She returned to life to the fullest
The lady shines again with her brutality
rit. The lady shines in the world
In a dreadful world  She shines in the world
live or die
A shadow began to grow behind her the giant took her away


composer and arrangements: Cristina Castagnoli, Gabriele Rossi
lead and background vocals: Cristina Castagnoli
drum and keyboards: Gabriele Rossi
guitars: Andrea Rossi
bass: Andrea Bacchio
audio mixing: Giorgio Tosi
mastering: Simone Giorgi
artwork: Gabriele Rossi 
recording studio: 4draw